Daniel has always been curious to understand the inner workings of any given object. Ever since picking up the guitar in high school he has been taking guitars apart, modifying, and improving his own instruments.

This curiosity, along with a interest in physics, and mechanical systems is what prompted him to start his working life as an apprentice automotive mechanic. This is where he learnt his hands-on skills.

After becoming qualified he looked for a change, more toward the music industry, and studied at SAE Institute for a year to earn an Audio Engineering Diploma.

Then he left New Zealand to look for work in the audio indusrty, and found himself in one of the top studios in Turkey as an assistant engineer.

Eventually returning home to New Zealand he combined his hands on mechanic skills, with the knowledge of the audio world to study under a local classical instrument maker and repairer.

Learning to perform professional repairs at the highest level, he then went on to learn the craft of making instruments.

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